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Bare Die Extraction
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/ De-layer

De-passivation SIO2、SI3N4 layer
De-Metal Al layer
De-oxide SIO2、SI3N4 layer
De-poly for further staining or substrate observation layer
De-polyimide   ea


P/N and Resistor zone distinguishing P-MOS and N-MOS which cannot be observed directly under microscope because of their transparence before staining ea
Rom Code distinguishing and reading the code "0" and "1" formed by ion implantation in ROM region by staining ea
Bare Die Extraction Bare Die Extraction   ea

IC Micrography

High Resolution Micrography * High Resolution imaging thanks to high-quality deprocessing effect and Leica INM100 microscope system.
* seamless stitching of images
* wide swath (1.2m) image print
* precise magnification and picture scale for the convenience of measurement
square meter
Extra Prints   square meter
Evaluation Report Die general Pic &
pre-micrography Evaluation

offering processing parameter evaluation report, following content included:
* die size, line width, recommended micrography magnification
* general pic of the die

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