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Perfict lab was founded in Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park, 2005.

As an independent commercial lab, Perfict lab applies itself to being the public laboratorial platform of IC industry, offering professional IC analysis services of high-quality, including IC chemical processing, microcircuit modification, IC micrography & IC Failure analysis.

Perfict Lab has an increasingly growing customer group of over 220 customers. And this faithful and steady customer group includes IC design houses, fablesses, fabs, individual IC designers, electronic device manufactories and sellers, and many other kinds of companies.

As a very flexible lab, Perfict Lab keeps offering its customers all kinds of special and specified services. In fact, many of these cases are not tough cases, just not so frequently asked. So, if any needs about IC analysis, feel free to contact us.
P.Lab set up special study projects and offer comprehensive solutions for special cases.
Every day, maybe just at the same moment you're viewing this page, tens of IC specimens get into P.Lab and begin their journey from defectiveness to perfectness. Perfict lab is just where the journey begins and part of this journey, but the most significant part as well.

We appreciate your confidence.

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